Best Early Autumn Window Box Plants?


As summer dwarf varieties are ideal. With its bright-hued flowers gives way to autumn's russets, golds, and purples, Golden Rudbeckias come into bloom, staying well into autumn's cooler months. At this time, too, Chrysanthemums are prolific, presenting masses of rust-coloured, maroon, red, orange and gold - blossoms that last for weeks.
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Once you have chosen your planter or windowbox, line it with crocks to improve drainage. Next, add a couple of inches of multipurpose compost to your container. Mix a couple of handfuls
Cascading mums are not the common garden mums you typically see in the fall. These mums are unique and will give your garden a one-of-a-kind look. They are ideal for growing in window
This window box is a triumph of color, texture, and form. Chartreuse sweet potato vine and the spiky purple foliage of false red dracaena ensure visual interest even when the flowers
There are dozens of plants that will do well in hot sunny window boxes. Two of my favourites are Rosemary and Nasturtium. Rosemary is one of the most fragrant of the culinary herbs
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