How to Apply Fly Spray to a Horse?


A person can easily apply fly spray to a horse. Their eyes and sensitive areas should first be avoided. It can be applied with an aerosol can to get as much on as possible in a short time.
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1. Place 5 tbs. vodka in a spray bottle. 2. Add 1 tbs. eucalyptus oil and 1 tsp. bergamot oil to the vodka. The vodka will help dissolve the oil, make it more usable and allow it
vinegar mixed with a little bit of water can be a good fly repelent.
1 Before you go shopping, identify the types of flies that are bugging your horse. Sometimes you can purchase fly spray that kills only a certain type of fly. Ad 2 Start looking for
First, get rid of their breeding areas, like any standing water, if you can't get rid of the water, at least cover it. Hang fly traps in the trees around house and animal pens.
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You can try dishsoap and water, or vinegar and water, and both will work ok. I have found getting that 'Skin so SOft' form Avon, works great. Just mix it with ...
There are a variety of homemade recipes a person can use to make fly spray. One recipe has vinegar, eucalyptus oil, and water. They are all relatively simple to ...
Horse flies can be killed by either buying a fly swatter, and using Raid fly spray. When you see the fly, spray it with the Raid, and then thwack it with the fly ...
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