How to Trap Foxes with Homemade Baits?


To tap foxes for a fox hunt, canned fish works well. Another one is cat food, or syrup. However, each species might respond better than others to a certain bait. Other animals may also be attracted to the smell of wet cat food or fish, so be careful of other predators.
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1. Bait six mousetraps with peanut butter or cheese in a location you believe has mice. Inspect the traps twice a day. Collect six dead mice. 2. Place each mouse in a plastic freezer
The best bait for fox trapping is live bait, such as a small bird. Any bird will do as
if your in a place you know has lots of foxes,any meat,like ground beef or even hot dogs will attract foxes.If there are other animals around like coons or possums,youll just have
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