How to Handle Your Best Friend Moving Away?


It is very difficult when your best friend moves away. Technology makes it easy to stay in touch and remain friends. It is also important to make sure you make new friends.
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1. Spend a day with your friend doing all your favorite things. This could be dining at a restaurant you frequented during your friendship or simply lounging on the couch and watching
1. If there's a farewell party for your friend, be sure to be on the list. This will give you a chance to say goodbye. 2. Buy your friend a gift. It'd be better for it to be something
I'll always remember you by Hannah Montana! i know it sounds lame, but the lyrics are amazing. i just moved away from my best friend and its been really hard. that song makes me cry
"Odd how much it hurts when a friend moves away- and leaves
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The best way to handle your best friend moving away is to come up with a plan to keep in touch. Make plans to visit your friend once she moves will also help. ...
If your friend is moving away you may want to make a CD of good songs to remind them of you. A few good song choices are My Life Would Suck Without by Kelly Clarkson ...
There are a numbers of poems which are written about friends moving away and being missed. Some of which include the following, 'Missed' by Stephannie Beaudette, ...
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