What is the best glue for vinyl?


The best glue for using on vinyl is industrial strength E6000. There aren't many glues that work well on vinyl so E600 is really about the only choice for your vinyl project. E600 dries clear and the glue is flexible. It can be used on ceramics, rubber, metal, glass, and wood in addition to vinyl. For best results, it should be allowed to dry for a full 24 hours. Be aware that E600 does not work well on Styrofoam.
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Vinyl adhesive. There are at least 3-4 kinds of it in every tile store or major hardware store.
Consider the underlayment that the vinyl flooring will be on. Concrete, as a subfloor, is prone to problems for two reasons-moisture and ph levels. Concrete is a porous material,
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I asked a record store guy the same question and he told me (as most will) that the Technics SL1200 series is the best choice for all kinds of reason including: Durability- Consistent
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