Best Headlight Bulbs?


Consumer Reports tested headlight bulbs and determined the best for brightness are halogen headlight bulbs. They compared numerous brands of halogen headlight bulbs and at the top of the recommendation list is the GE Nighthawk, bulb type 9003/H7. Second on the list is the GE Nighthawk Platinum 9003/H7. Coming in third is the Hella 9003/H7. The GE Nighhawk Platinum is the most expensive of the three with a price of between $38 and $40. The Hella is second in cost with the GE Nighthawk being the least expensive.
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Headlight bulbs can be replaced usually by accessing the assembly from the engine compartment. Open the hood to remove the old bulbs, then add the new ones so you can see at night.
Identify the bulb. Is it your low beam (normal running headlight) or your high beam that is burned out? Maybe the same bulb does both high and low beam. If you have access to a computer
It all depends on what car you have after you get all the crap off the ferunt end you should just pull or twest it off more then likely.
1. Open the hood of your vehicle and locate the power connector that runs to the back of your headlight. This will be a plastic connector that connects at the headlight collar. 2.
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To change a headlight bulb, you will need to locate the back side of the headlight assembly. You simply release the wiring harness from the bulb mount and turn ...
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