What is the best makeup for women over 50?


The best makeup for women over 50 are the products that are created with older women in mind. These products will be specially made for dry skin and wrinkles. You want to choose products that are rich with moisture and give the appearance of younger skin. Most of the age-defying products have this feature. Use a moisturizing and protecting primer under foundation and concealer for a younger, more polished look. Cream products are a best choice over powder products depending on skin type.
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The most important products are for your skin. This will make sure your make-up has a good base so moisturise your skin with anti-ageing cream, this will ensure that your skin is well nourished. Then use a primer for your skin, which will even out and smooth wrinkles and hide pores.
Try not to use heavy foundation as this will make the skin appear older and may even set into fine lines and wrinkles. Instead opt for a tinted moisturiser or a light coverage foundation with SPF. This will give a nice glow to your skin. Cover up any uneven skintone, blemeshes or spots with concealer and blend with a brush. To set your make-up, lightly apply powder.
Try to stay clear from bold, strong clours such as blue or purple and instead opt for natural colours such as soft browns. You can apply these nude/brown tones as part of your eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick. This will soften your features instead of drawing attention to them.
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