Best Mop for Tile Floors?


The best mop for tile floors is a cloth mop. In order to mope a tile floor, you just need to wet the mop and wipe the floor with the mop. It is best to use some kind of cleaner.
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1. Use the right mop. Because tile floors have grout, you will want to avoid sponge mops or Swiffer type mops. These are great for quick pick ups, but not for serious cleaning. Use
It really depends on your preference. If you like a traditional mop and bucket, I've found the Liebman mops work well. I don't care for sponge mops because they tend to dry with an
Screw mopping that floor. Use a carpet cleaner that has a water pick-up attachment. It will compensate for the uneven surfaces.
A microfiber mop will pick up dirt as you sweep it.
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The Best Way to Mop a Tile Floor
You've just had a tile floor installed or have moved into a new home and are unfamiliar with tile floor care. You then go to the grocery store and browse the many cleaning products designed specially for tile flooring. The prices of these products are... More »
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