Best over the Counter Teeth Whitening?


The best over the counter teeth whitening products are from Crest. They are the most popular of the at home teeth whitening kits. Crest offers a rinse, strips, and a gel that you can place on your teeth. These products are normally used for about 14 days straight and the effects can last up to four months. Use of these products can make your teeth and gums sensitive. You also cannot use the over the counter methods if you have cavities, crowns, damaged gums, or damaged teeth.
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Of the various options on the market, Crest Whitestrips
Some of the over the counter teeth whitening systems are for example Crest 3D White, Rembrandt Plus Peroxide Whitening Mouthwash, Luster White Weekend and Arm & Hammer Whitening
I am trying to decide between using OTC whitening treatments or forking over the $600 dollars for professional bleaching treatment. If you have any before and after photos of otc
Dear David: I have found that the best OTC whitening products are Aquafresh whitening toothpaste and Crest WhiteStrips. When Zoom was first introduced, its fee was $1,000.00. Your
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What Is the Best Over-the-Counter Teeth Whitener?
The best over-the-counter teeth whitener is Crest White Strips, which contain hydrogen peroxide and require reading the instructions carefully. Consult a dentist to determine the best home teeth whiteners using advice from a dental hygienist in this free... More »
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