Best Place to Find Seashells?


One can find the best seashells after a storm. One of the best places to beachcomb for seashells would be in Florida, specifically in Sanibel Island.
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1. Go where the action is. Some places are so famous for their abundance of seashells that you can't go wrong. Research your vacation spot and check out beachcombing forums and other
1. Look for a spot on the beach near the ocean. The ocean usually washes up shells, so it is a good place to look. 2. Bend down, it might now work if you have a bad back. Start digging sells Personaliized Seashell Place Cards (50 count)
I would think that any beach south from Indian Shores down to the end of the road on Mullet Key would be a good area to find seashells. I know the shells aren't like they used to
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