Best Schools for Archaeology?


Yale University is not only one of the most prestigious schools in the United States, but it also offers a top notch master's program in archaeology studies. Columbia University is also another top school that also has one of the best archaeology programs in the country. Arizona State University, Ohio State University, and the University of Florida are all quality schools that also feature archaeology programs that students can persue.
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Archaeologists often have to speak in front of the public. There's a lot more to being an archaeologist than knowing how to dig for artifacts. According to Students of Archaeology
In order to be an underwater archaeologist you would need a minimum of an undergraduate degree in a suitable subject and a commercial diving certificate.
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Choosing an. archaeological field school. may seem a little daunting. There are lots of choices, conducted in many different places in the world, for different fees, from different
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Most high schools won't offer archaeology classes, but taking supplementary courses such as geology, geography and zoology may help. There are many great schools ...
There are many colleges that offer a Masters in archaeology throughout the world. Examples of such schools include University of Haifa, University of Sheffield ...
West Side Magnet School. ...
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