Best Shoes for Walking on Concrete All Day?


Some of the best shoes for walking on concrete all day is the Brooks Glycerin. This shoe is lightweight, very flexible, and provides cushioning to keep the wearer comfortable on any type of surface. The New Balance 1080 is another type of walking shoe that is comfortable and supportive enough to wear while walking on concrete all day long. The Nike Air Pegasus is another great choice and also has wider widths for those who have wider feet.
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The best shoes for standing all day would be genuine leather shoes with a thick and comfortable sole, a cotton interior and a curved instead of pointy front. These shoes are not pretty
shoes with a lot of cushion such as Dr. Scholls.
As a Assistant Cameraman (AC) in TV/Film, I often work 12 - 16 hour days. Most of these days I'm on my feet. And some of these days I find myself both indoors and outdoors. The best
Hey cathi. go with a solid silicone insert with a thick heal. todays shoes alot of them the insole is removable and buy a better quality one DR. SCHOLLS has many styles to pick from
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