Best Time to Buy Furniture?


The best time to buy furniture depends upon what type of furniture is being purchased. Dining room furniture, including tables, chairs, and hutches, typically have largely discounted price tags prior to the holiday season. Office furniture, like desks and chairs, may receive large discounts during tax season, as well as right before a new school year begins. Many retailers also run sales all year long on many of their most popular pieces of furniture.
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The best time to buy furniture is during the month of January. It is also economical to buy furniture during the month of July. The reason for this is new furniture ...
The best time to buy furniture is during January because all the Christmas clearances are on sale. The only down side is that you will have to pick from the season's ...
The best time to buy furniture is when there is a sale. Check local newspapers and online specials for a sale. Sometimes furniture stores will have seasonal specials ...
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