Best Time to Plant Crape Myrtle?


Myrtles are a gem in the garden since they bloom all summer. The best time to plant them is during winter. To plant it, you should prepare the soil by adding organic compost and manure, dig a whole one foot deep and two feet wide and then plant. Then form a soil ring one foot round the plant which you'll be filling with water until the plant is fully established.
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Gardeners should follow the preferred planting times regardless of the cultivar. Crape myrtles range in height from 40 feet to 18 inches tall. Use as a specimen, ground cover, flowering
Plant crape myrtles during warm weather months of June through mid August so the plants have a chance to root out into soil before cold temperatures induce dormancy.
It is best to prune crape myrtles in late winter or early spring. If it is done in November or December and there is warm weather in January or February, the new growth would be exposed
!they are very easy plants to grow and hardly needs attention! and they dont have to be trimmed in any particular way!
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The best time to plant Crepemyrtle is in early Spring or Autumn. Because it yields beautiful large blooms in white, pink, red or purple, it is a favored landscape ...
The best time to plant a crepe myrtle is in the fall/winter or early spring time frame. You can really plant them anytime or the year as long as you don't have ...
1. Plant the crape myrtle in the winter while the plant is dormant. Choose a site in full sun that is not crowed and gets good air circulation. 2. Improve the ...
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