When is the best time to plant maple trees?


According to Planting Directions, the best time to plant maple trees is early to mid-spring. This gives the new tree time to take root well before the winter season. Maple trees must be planted at least six weeks before a frost to live.

Maple trees should be planted in holes that are four times the tree's rootball width, according to Planting Directions. It then should be watered, packed with soil and then watered again. Use a slow-release fertilizer, like 10-10-10, twice a month coming from its dormant stage and once a month during summer to help new maple trees grow.

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The Best Time to Plant Maple Trees
Planting trees is the best way to add the "bones" to your landscape. Maples are a popular landscape choice for their fall color. Useful in the home or commercial landscapes, they provide shade, serve as windbreaks, clean the air and provide wildlife... More »
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