What is the best time to plant pine trees?


The best time to plant seedling pine trees is late summer or early fall, when soil temperatures are between 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Exact planting times vary according to local climate, with warmer southern climates requiring a later start.

Pine trees can also be planted later in the fall and even into the winter in temperate climates, as they are capable of strong growth in soil that has cooled to as low as 45 degrees. Generally, pines do not grow vigorously until the second year in the ground. Starting in the second year, pine trees put on 8 to 16 inches of annual growth.

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Most pine tree varieties are hardy if grown in areas from zones 3 to 8. These zones indicate relatively mild winters where the temperature doesn't fall much below minus 10 degrees
1. Select a well-draining site that is well away from the foundation of a building, due to pine trees' root spread. Evergreens such as pine often prefer sunny areas, but some can
Most gardeners recommend sometime shortly after leaf fall in the case of deciduous species. As long as the Nursery has taken good care of their stock, most trees can be planted at
Early Spring, plant with some peat and give it all year to establish. Use organic fertilizer or wait a few years and you can use fertilizer spikes. Source(s) Work in Nursery Industry
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The Best Time to Plant Pine Trees
That little live Christmas tree must wait. While pines transplant reasonably well, they are particular about when they are placed in the ground. You can encourage rapid establishment by preparing an appropriate site.... More »
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