Best Time to Plant Potatoes in Oklahoma?


In order to have a healthy and plentiful crop of potatoes, it is important to know when to begin the planting process. In Oklahoma, the ideal time period for planting potatoes is mid-February through mid-March. Those who are in the southern part of the state should plant the potatoes earlier, while those in the northern parts should plant theirs towards the later time of the time frame. Planting potatoes successfully can be a trying process, but if started on time, can produce a great crop.
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Potatoes are considered cool-season vegetables. They are not particularly sensitive to frost, and can be planted earlier than more tender garden plants. You can plant potatoes from
Planting potato seeds is not hard at all. Make sure the ground is at least 45 degrees F. About a week before planting your potato seeds, set them where they will be exposed to 60
Get potatoes with lots of "eyes" called seed potatoes. Eyes are the little tight indentations on the potato skin. These are where the roots will form on the new potatoes
The part of the potato plant used for consumption is a form of a root known as a tuber. Tubers are swollen, underground storage stems for the potato plant. Leaves and other above-ground
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The best time to plant potatoes is in mid march.This is when planting is done in the open ground. Note that the potatoes that are being planted have sprouted as ...
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