Best Time to Plant Trees?


Trees should be planted during certain times of the year to ensure that the tree grows quickly and remains healthy. The best time to plant trees is during the dormant season. Trees can also be planted after the leaves fall in autumn or during early spring before plants and shrubs begin to bud. Other factors also may affect when a tree should be planted, including the type of tree and where it will be planted, so it is important for a person to do their homework to ensure that the tree will grow strong and healthy.
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First, be sure you have the right tree for the spot, for example if the spot is always damp, be sure the tree is suitable to a wet site. Dig a hole twice as large as you need. Amend
1. Select a site that gets plenty of sunlight. Cherry trees love sunlight. Avoid planting in a sunken area where the wind and sun cannot reach your tree. 2. Make sure that the soil
If you plan to store your satsuma indoors, you can plant it at any time. Those who want to plant their satsuma outdoors, either in a container or in the soil, must wait until the
1. Follow the directions for the pH soil testing kit to obtain the pH of your soil. It is easier to find plants and trees that will thrive in your soil conditions than to adjust the
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