When is the best time to plant trees?


Trees should be planted during certain times of the year to ensure that the tree grows quickly and remains healthy. The best time to plant trees is during the dormant season. Trees can also be planted after the leaves fall in autumn or during early spring before plants and shrubs begin to bud. Other factors also may affect when a tree should be planted, including the type of tree and where it will be planted, so it is important for a person to do their homework to ensure that the tree will grow strong and healthy.
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Most gardeners recommend sometime shortly after leaf fall in the case of deciduous species. As long as the Nursery has taken good care of their stock, most trees can be planted at
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The best spot for planting a Dogwood Tree is an area, moist but
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The Best Time to Plant a Tree
Planting a tree is a good way to add beauty to a garden or landscape. Start with a good specimen, a tree that is healthy and a vigorous grower, and then choose the best planting time for your area. According to the University of Nebraska Extension, fall... More »
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