When is the best time to prune peach trees?


Prune a peach tree in late winter when the tree is dormant, according to SFGate. After fruiting, it is safe to trim the tree for size issues. Removing dead or diseased branches should be done as soon as the problem arises.

Pruning a peach tree in the late winter gives the tree healing time and sparks new growth for the upcoming season. Try to wait for mild weather, as cold weather can cause dieback and bark injuries. Pruning a peach tree can help keep nutrients from being wasted going to a diseased branch or too much foliage. Topping peach trees in the summer can make pruning easier in the winter.

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That is a double edged sword. If you want to keep your peach tree dwarfed or stunt its growth then you would summer prune just after harvest. If you want a normal size tree then you
The best time to prune trees is after winter season or closer to spring season. Well this time of the year is perfect because it is not too hot to stay in the sun to prune the trees
The best time to prune peach trees in Ohio is in March. Thanks
1. Begin pruning any fruit-bearing tree by preparing it for the major pruning. First, cut off any dead or damaged limbs. Avoid snapping them off with your fingers as this could result
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The Best Time to Prune Peach Trees
Pruning peach trees is labor intensive. To facilitate good fruit production and healthy trees, though, it must be done annually. Timing and technique are the keys to healthy, productive peach trees.... More »
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