Best Time to Transplant Ferns?


When a person chooses to transplant a fern, he or she is moving the plant from one location to another. It is important to know the correct time to transplant a fern to ensure that the plant survives, grows, and stays healthy. The best time to transplant ferns is during the early spring months. The fern should be transplanted while still in the dormant stage, but right as it is prepared to grow. If the fern is potted, it can be transplanted into the ground at almost anytime, although care should be exercised to prevent damage to the plant.
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1. Prepare a 5 gallon planter by filling the base with 4 to 6 inches of potting soil or sand. While the staghorn fern does not require soil to grow, this layer will provide anchoring
I grew up working in a greenhouse. So if it needs a bigger pot, then put soil in and plant your fern. Water it often and make sure it gets plenty of sunlight.
I'll assume it's a potted asparagus densiflorus "meyeri". Just move it too a larger pot in spring. Unless you want to divide it, leave the root ball completely intact. They
Ferns are plants that form solid clumps of foliage. They can be split and transplanted in spring or fall. To make the job more manageable and avoid the need for heavy machinery, try
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The Best Time to Transplant Ferns
Ferns are usually associated with moist, shady environments, but they have colonized a wide variety of habitats. Over 300 million years old, this group of plants reproduces by spores, not seeds. Ferns also have true roots and leaf veins, absent in more... More »
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