What is the best toilet bowl cleaner?


The Clorox Toilet Wand System is one of the best and most innovative toilet bowl cleaners. This system has a handle that is designed to make even the tightest areas inside a toilet bowl easy to clean. Cleaning pads are snapped into the head of the wand, providing a freshly scented cleanser that gets even the dirtiest bowls cleaner. The pad can be released with just the touch of a button, making clean up easy, while also removing germ filled brushes from bathrooms.
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Clorox toilet wands work great.
Protect yourself and others from the cleaner. Adorn gloves, and cover your nose and mouth with a barrier mask or a handkerchief. Wear an old, long sleeve shirt to protect your arms
The best ever... Easy off BAM comes in a white bottle with pinkish/purple stripes I get it from wal-mart. Promise you will love it. Squeeze it on and don't even have to wipe/scrub
The most common ingredient in toilet bowl cleaner is sodium hydroxide (NaOH) We know that sodium hydroxide is a stong base, and it will be present as a few percent my weight with
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