Best Toilet Paper for Septic Tanks?


Actually there is no one best toilet paper to use for septic tanks. Some suggest to only use toilet paper made out of recycled paper, not because it is less harmful to the septic system, but because using recycled products is better for the environment. The main thing to remember about toilet paper is not to overuse it each time. The more toilet paper you use with each flush, the easier it is for the toilet to become clogged.
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The type they use for motor homes. A test to go by is to put a small amount of tissue under water, if it falls apart quickly it's ok to use and will evaporate easier in the septic
All toilet paper is biodegradable, but special biodegradable papers are available. Biodegradable toilet paper dissolves quickly, requiring less water than standard toilet paper. This
This all depends on the condition of the septic tank. Its like asking, how long is a piece of string.
We've used cloth wipes for our daughter's butt her whole life (she's 2 now) Maybe it's hypocritical but I still use toilet paper on my own butt. I'm sure it would work on an adult
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Charmin, Angel Soft, Coleman and Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Paper are safe to use with a septic system. Camco, Green Forest and Seventh Generation are other ...
The most obvious symptom of a full septic tank is a backed up toilet. Also, when a wet area appears outside where the septic tank is located, then it is a sign ...
They stopped making colored toilet paper because the dyes are not good for the environment. The dyes can possibly cause problems with septic tanks and sewer systems ...
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