Best Way to Catch a Catfish?


The best way to catch a catfish is to use the right bait. The bigger the catfish you want, the bigger the bait you need. If you are fishing for big catfish you are going to want to use a large piece of shad. You will want to cut the shad into strips and make sure to leave parts of the guts on there. The smell is enough to almost immediately attract the attention of a catfish.
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The best way is to fish at the bottom of the lake or pond at night is the best time to catfish, to fish the bottom fix a weight to your line about 2 ft from your hook, catfish like
1. Timing is a big factor. Catfish feed mostly early in the morning or in the evening. You need to get prepared at least an hour before you fish. This will give you time to rig your
Bait casting is a popular way to catch a catfish. For this method, you'll need
1. Buy a fishing rod and line. The size of the rod you buy should be determined by the size of the fish available to catch in your region. For fish under 20 pounds, use a six-foot
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How to Catch a Catfish
Pursuing and catching the ultimate catfish is one of the devoted angler's most cherished dreams. It can become a quick reality with the correct approach to hooking, and reeling in one or more of those evasive whiskered botton-dwellers. With the... More »
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