How to Clean Aluminum Siding?


The best way to clean aluminum sidings is to use a mixture of water and laundry detergent to clean the area. First, wet the surface to be cleaned using pressurized water to remove dirt and debris then use a brush, mop, or old towel to scrub the surface using water and detergent. After cleaning it, rinse the surface using the pressurized water again.
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1. Set aside time to clean your aluminum siding once a year. Choose a time when the weather will be agreeable and you can devote a substantial amount of time to the project. 2. Purchase
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get a long handled brush for scrubbing. One cup of bleach per gallon of water. Preferred method is rinse, scrub, rinse.
What about good old white vinegar? After all, it is dilute
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Best Way to Clean Aluminum Siding
Aluminum siding is considered maintenance free, especially when compared to wood siding, which it first replaced. However, aluminum siding still gets dirty, stained with bird droppings, and sometimes mold can form. You may also start to notice a chalky... More »
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The solution to clean aluminum siding is fairly simple. All you need is some laundry detergent and some water. You will also need a soft bristled brush, old towels ...
There are two options for painting over existing aluminum siding, chalking or Sherwin Williams Duration. The best and only paint for aluminum siding that needs ...
The best way to polish aluminum is to buff it with a paste made from cream of tartar and a little warm water. This non-toxic, gentle solution removes tarnish without ...
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