Best Way to Clean Drywall Dust?


Cleaning up drywall dust does not have to be hard. There are a few simple steps or tips to follow. First close off the room to prevent spreading the dust. Second sweep up as much of the dust as possible. Then take a damp cloth and rising it often wipe up as much dust as possible.
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1. Put down plastic sheeting. Using plastic sheeting keeps the dust from straying outside of the room where you are working. Place plastic sheeting over the floor of the room where
1. Take the books outdoors, if possible, or place on newspapers for easy cleanup. Keep the books closed tightly, or you risk getting drywall dust inside the books. 2. Dust the outside
In the room - sweep, vaccum, dust, wipe down the walls (use a just barely damp cloth for best results. In a small area, a tack cloth is best.
Damp rag.
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The Best Way to Clean Up Drywall Dust
When you install and finish drywall, a significant amount of drywall dust can be stirred up inside the house. The best way to clean up drywall dust is by using a variety of techniques, because each one will get rid of different amounts of dust.... More »
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