What is the best way to clean Pergo floors?


About.com states that the best way to clean a laminate floor is to dry-mop it to remove dirt, spray it with a bit of water and vinegar, and then mop it with a microfiber cloth. Using a traditional mop can damage the laminate by causing the panels to swell.

There are also laminate cleaners that can be purchased specifically to clean laminate floors like Pergo, but even these should be used with caution. Using too much cleaner leaves a soapy residue, and just as with the homemade cleaning mixture, using too much water causes damage. Buffing the floor with a clean microfiber cloth polishes it, although this is optional.

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For general cleaning of a Pergo floor, use a dust mop, use hardwood
1. Vacuum or use a dusting mop on your floors first to remove any dirt and dust. Make sure to use the vacuum attachment for hard floors; otherwise you may scratch the Pergo. 2. Put
All laminate makers make their own but you can use any bodies. It s a spray on solution ( mist) that you clean with a dust mop , swivel headed type cleaner. Never is water supposed
1. Sweep with a soft broom or dust mop, vacuum using your vacuum cleaner's hard floor attachments, or a wipe with a cotton cloth for regular maintenance. Removing dust and dirt on
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How to Clean Pergo Floors
When cleaning Pergo laminate flooring, use vinegar and water or a commercial pine cleaning solution. Clean Pergo laminate floors with the housekeeping tips in this free video on home maintenance from a professional decorator and home cleaner.... More »
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