Best Way to Clean Plexiglass?


The best way to clean Plexiglass is to use a non-streaking window cleaner. You can also use a mixture of vinegar and water.
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The best way to clean a CD would be to spray CD/DVD cleaner onto the shiny part. Take a clean soft rag or towel and rub the CD down in a circular motion and allow to air dry.
I've actually done this with acrylic inks many years ago. Let's see if I remember anything. A few tips that come to mind: File and sand down the edges of the plexiglass to avoid
I have used Meguiar's products for years on motorcycle plexiglass and lucite windshields and faceshields. You can clean and polish the surface in one step. The windshield cleaner
Location may not seem like an important piece in cleaning chrome. However, if you live in a dusty or rainy environment, location is almost everything. When the wind blows dust everywhere
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The Best Way to Clean Plexiglas
Plexiglas, an acrylic product, is often used for storm windows, tabletops and other home surfaces because it's lighter than glass. As with other materials, dust and other pollutants will collect on the surface. Softer than traditional glass, Plexiglas... More »
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