Best Way to Clean Wicker Furniture?


To clean wicker furniture wet a cloth and add a touch of soap. Wipe the furniture down gently to clean it.
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1. Wipe the furniture with a clean cloth to remove dust. In hard-to-reach areas, use a brush attachment on the vacuum to remove dust or debris. 2. Mix gentle dish detergent with warm
"Fantastik" works great on anything white without ruining the paint or finish or fabric of the item. Great alternative to bleach. I use it on sneakers and any pesky stain.
The best way to clean a dusty, old wicker basket is as follows. Fill a kitchen sink with warm, soapy water. Dip the basket in several times, and dry thoroughly.
You can vacuum or brush the surface frequently to remove any surface dirt, but
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The Best Way to Clean Wicker Furniture
Commonly used as outdoor furniture, wicker furniture looks good inside and out. Wicker is a natural material that comes from the rattan plant. This eco-friendly furniture is strong, durable and requires little maintenance and care. Proper cleaning will... More »
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To refinish wicker furniture, one has to first clean the furniture then work carefully to avoid damages. Spray the furniture with many coats to cover up any dark ...
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