How to Dread Your Hair?


Many people consider the best way to dread hair to be backcombing. The hair should be sectioned with a teasing comb. Each section should be backcombed gently into each dread and finished with a small amount of wax for rolling.
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You can dread hair by backcombing, wool rubbing, and plain old neglect. Backcombing is the most popular method, but it requires the assistance of a few friends, and a special comb
1. Shampoo your hair as normal to strip away oils and dirt. Don't use conditioner. Air-dry or blow-dry your hair until all of your hair is dried completely. Brush through your hair
To dread hair, you first need to grow your hair out. You will need at least 3
1 Start with clean, dry hair. Use a clarifying shampoo and don't follow it with conditioner in the weeks leading up to your dreading session. Forego products that are designed to
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1. Wash your dreads at least once a week. If you exercise or are involved in a lot of physical activity, wash your hair twice a week. Keeping your dreads clean ...
There are several ways to straighten the hair. These include the use of shampoo and strong conditioner, get your hair relaxed, brush and blow dry your hair, apply ...
The best way to regrow hair is to simply wait for it to grow. Hair typically grows at one half inch per month. Many people believe that if you eat a diet that ...
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