What is the best way to store lettuce?


The best way to store lettuce is in the vegetable drawer in the refrigerator. The lettuce should be wrapped in paper towels and then put into a salad spinner or airtight container. One important factor to consider when buying lettuce is to consider the length of time the lettuce may have already sat in a cold walk in refrigerator in a grocery store. Buying fresh lettuce from a farmer's market will insure that your lettuce stays fresh longer.
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Well, you aren't going to have much luck storing the pre chopped lettuce, is it's been packaged and shipped everywhere and has probably been in that bag for at least a week. your
the best way to store lettuce is in ice water and never cut it with a knife as this causes brusing. always rip it. Source(s): i am a chef
Sep 30, 2013
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Best Way to Store Lettuce
While crisp lettuce is the perfect foundation to a good salad, wilted leaves will spoil any vegetable medley. With care and a few simple steps, you can stave off the inevitable wilting with most varieties of picked lettuce from the backyard or the corner... More »
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