Best Way to Strip Copper Wire?


The best way to strip copper wire is by using wire cutters. These are made to do this.and makes it easy. You can also strip the wire using a utility knife to cut the plastic insulation.
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Easy Ways to Strip Copper Wire
Copper wire is found inside the outer sheathing of electrical cables, with the ground wire left bare and other wires covered in different colors of plastic. Though many different gauges (thicknesses) of copper wire are available, 12/2 and 14/2 are the... More »
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1. Slip the 14/3 w/Gr. Romex through the hole in the cable ripper with the open end of the ripper pointing away from the end of the cable until six inches of cable extends through
Wire cutters are the best tool for stripping copper wire: Hold wire and slowly close
As below, call the recycler to find out what the current price is. See the copper scrap index under related links to see if their prices are fair. Some recyclers will try to give
Take a small propane torch and heat the wire insulation, then strip it with either a razor knife or an electricians stripper. Someone a couple of months ago took quite a bit of wire
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The easiest way to strip copper wire is by using wire cutters or a utility knife. Wire cutters are specifically devised to cut and strip wire thus making them ...
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