Best Ways to Cover up a Bruise?


The best way to cover up a bruise is to use makeup. You can use a concealer that will help to hide the bruise on most parts of your body. A bruise is nothing more than broken blood vessels and may be painful. If your makeup begins to fade during the day it is likely that the bruise will show. Use a liquid concealer that you can rub into your skin so that it takes longer to fade.
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1. Understand. bruise. formation and duration. A bruise (contusion or ecchymosis) will form when something that has impacted your skin breaks blood vessels (capillaries) near the
concealer or a big hat.
That many bruises? Id just wear a long skirt your legs will look weird with cover up all over them.
Liquid concealers tend to work better than creams to cover bruises.Corrective
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