Who is Beth Liebling?


Beth Liebling is an American musician who co-founded the instrumental band Hovercraft. She was born on March 12, 1967, in Chicago, Ill., and was previously married to rock band Pearl Jam's lead vocalist, Eddie Vedder.

She was part of several bands including Lola, Space Helmet, Schema and Hovercraft. After Hovercraft disbanded, Liebling took a brief hiatus from music. She later sat in on sessions with various groups in Los Angeles, including playing drums in the Los Angeles-based group Lola. Beth Liebling married Eddie Vedder in 1984. The union lasted for 16 years, and the couple filed for divorce in 2000. She splits her time between Chicago, Maui and Rome.

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Elizabeth Liebling March 12, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Beth was cheating on Eddie and when he found out, he left her and filed for divorce. She tried to convince him it had only been once, but he wanted out. She broke his heart.
Liebling married longtime boyfriend Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, in Rome, Italy. The relationship had not always been a smooth one. Describing his relationship with Liebling
The couple, who had a 16-year relationship, divorced in September
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