What Is a Good Bet to Make with a Friend?


Some bets to make for friends include giving up cigarettes, alcohol or vowing to go to the gym and shape up. A good bet to make with a friend is to adapt a healthy lifestyle; eating healthily and starting an exercise regime. You can both support each other and maybe agree to go on holiday when you've both reached your target goals as an incentive.
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Maybe you could, depending on your age and skills, bet who can shoot the most hoops in basketball or netball, or you could bet who can skull a can of coke the fastest or even who
You go the places you like to go and you will find people who are interested in the same things that you are. That is how you will make friends.
How to Make a Bet Buy a lottery ticket or a scratch-off. This has to be the easiest and most widespread form of gambling known to man. Every gas station and drug store will sell you
A good bet between friends would be betting on a game of poker and the
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A friendly wager is a bet between friends or family members. A friendly wager usually does not involve monetary gifts. Some examples of a friendly wager are when ...
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