Betta Fish Vase?


To make a Betta fish vase you will need a vase, decorative stone, a male Betta fish, 6” Dieffenbachia Plant or 6” Philodendron or 6” Spathaphylium, a 4 inch plastic planting tree, a clear straw, a gallon of bottled water, and some wired ribbon. First you will rinse out the vase and the plants and the gemstones to make sure there are no dust particles on them. Take the plant out of the pot and rinse all of the soil off of the roots. Then you will put the tree and items into the vase and add water and fish.
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1. Clean your vase using only clean, hot water. Do not use soap or cleansers because they will kill your fish. 2. Wash the roots of your plant and clean thoroughly. 3. Fill the vase
1 Do NOT listen to pet stores that tell you not to feed the fish. Of course you need to feed the fish. They are carnivores and will not eat the plant roots! You must feed them a suitable
they like small spaces.…. this + heater= very happy betta.
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Plants that go well in Betta vases include the peace lilly, and daisies. These are both common flowers that will not harm betta fish. However, it should be known ...
1. Select a glass vase or bowl that can hold 1 quart of water or more. Thoroughly rinse your vase before you begin to set it up for fish habitation. 2. Rinse the ...
A betta fish, also known as the Siamese fighting fish, is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish. This fish originated from Cambodia, Thailand and belongs ...
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