Who Invented Hair Weave?


Hair weaves have been products that have boosted the beauty of ladies since they were first invented in 1950 by Christina Jenkins in Ohio. The weaves have been used by a number of people including R&B star Beyonce. You can get more information on Beyonce's weaves and extensions by visiting her official website at beyonce.com.
Q&A Related to "Who Invented Hair Weave?"
1. If you want the fastest Beyonce weave look, consider getting a lace front wig-a hair care enhancement option that Beyonce uses most. A lace front wig, is exactly how it is described
The dictionary defines "Hair Weave" as "a process in which a hairpiece is interwoven with [a person's] real hair". This method is quite different than the conventional
For a weave your real hair will be out in the front, so it needs
1 Don't soak the weave. Take your spray bottle and spritz the top of your head about three to five times. Ad 2 Next bend over as far as you can so that the hair hangs in front of
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