What are some Bible games for adults?


There are many bible games for adults. Many of the bible games are variations of current game shows. There is Who Wants to Be a Bible Millionaire, Bible Concentration, Bible Battleship, Bible Hangman, Books of the Bible Hangman, Prophets Word Search, Name That Verse, Words of the New Testament Jumble, and Apostle, King, or Prophet? In Bible Battleship you sink your opponent's battleship by correctly answering bible questions. You can make Bible games out of almost any existing game.
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1. Select a passage. Daily devotionals and online services designed to help Bible teachers can help with this. However, you may also choose a passage at random or by using the Bible's
A good place to find Bible games is in your local Christian bookstore. They can also be found on the internet but it is more fun to make your own.
Here's a great list of 50 educational games - some adult, some kids: http://www.onlinecolleges.net/20. Learning. geography. ? Check out the great quizzes on ilike2learn - content
it has a bit of rude content in it, in cludinig kissing, which four years are supposed to not see.
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Ideas for Adult Bible Games
Playing games is as much fun for adults as for children and teens. Games break the ice and make good lead-ins for more serious discussions. For Christian events or Bible studies, games with a biblical twist make learning more about Bible events,... More »
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