Bicentennial Quarter Value?


The value of a bicentennial quarter depends on the condition it is in and the year it is from. The price ranges from 2-4 dollars depending on where you sell it at. These can also be bought from many different places that sell antique items as well.
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Answer In circulated condition, 25 cents. In uncirculated condition, about a dollar. S-mint silver issues and regular proof issues are worth about $2.00 Silver proof issues (still
Circulated Bicentennial quarters are still worth only face value if in circulated condition. There were several hundred million of them made for circulation. The only exceptions would
Silver proof issues (still in original plastic capsule) are
Bicentennial quarters were minted in very large quantities in 1975 and 1976. They are very common. If the quarter has been circulated, it is worth face value -- 25 cents. In uncirculated
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