What are bichon-poodle mix puppies like?


Bichon poodle mix puppies are puppy breeds from poodle and a bichon fries. A bichon poodle mix is called a Poochon and is not a purebred dog.
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All dogs generally live to fifteen years, however small dogs, including the Yorkie Bichon mix, usually live a tad bit more since they are less prone to back problems. It also depends
A 16-week-old Bich-Poo should normally weight between 2 and 4 lbs. Your pup is charting to be around 36 pounds when full grown! Is your pup part Standard Poodle? That is the only
Bichon poodle mix dogs have a long lifespan of around
Small dogs usually live well into their teens, some even live into their twenties. Since your dog is a mix of many breeds it has something called hybrid vigor, which helps them live
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