What are bichon-poodle mix puppies like?


Bichon poodle mix puppies are puppy breeds from poodle and a bichon fries. A bichon poodle mix is called a Poochon and is not a purebred dog.
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Bichon poodle mix dogs have a long lifespan of around
if its is a poodle/shnauzer mix also called a (scnoodle) the price may vary depending if they have papers or not.roughly between 200.00-500.00,i have a poodle/bischon that mated with
I've got a 2-yr-old bichon/poodle. They are pretty easy to care for, but do need to be groomed regularly. Use a comb that suits the curly-haired breeds and brush him regularly. He'll
I need a male shih Tzu puppy name and it has to be cute and cool. We are only looking for names and then we will deiced witch one we like the most.
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