How large was the biggest buck ever seen?


While there may be a large amount of rumors describing the biggest buck ever seen, it is said to have been spotted and fatally shot by a 15 year old boy named Tony Lovstuen. Lovstuen took aim and fatally wounded the large buck on the afternoon of Sept. 29, 2003. The huge buck that was shot by Lovstuen received a final B&C score of 307 5/8, which makes it a record breaking hit for the young hunter.
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The current world record for a buck deer rack is a 44-pointer.
550 pounds.
I agree with Anon_1's choice in Vikrant Singh (And please state your names, this nomenclature is getting tedious). I have been suffering this ear-bleeding since 2009 when I first
the biggest whitetail buck was scored 213-5/8 points & was taken near Biggar Saskatchewan. Ask!
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