How large was the biggest buck ever seen?


While there may be a large amount of rumors describing the biggest buck ever seen, it is said to have been spotted and fatally shot by a 15 year old boy named Tony Lovstuen. Lovstuen took aim and fatally wounded the large buck on the afternoon of Sept. 29, 2003. The huge buck that was shot by Lovstuen received a final B&C score of 307 5/8, which makes it a record breaking hit for the young hunter.
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The current world record for a buck deer rack is a 44-pointer.
550 pounds.
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The Lovstuen buck's final score was 307 5/8, enough to make him the "world's biggest hunter-taken whitetail."
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The current biggest buck deer rack is a 44-pointer. Most deer's do not grow long bucks because they are hunted while they are still young. The deer's species will ...
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The biggest deer ever shot and killed was a 38 point rack buck. The deer was shot by 15 year old Tony Lovstuen on Sept. 29, 2003 in Iowa. The buck is included ...
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