Biggest Female Biceps?


When working out in the gym, it is not uncommon for one to find themselves engaging in an unspoken friendly competition among friends to see who has the biggest female biceps. Some of the best exercises for growing bigger biceps are standing barbell curls, one-arm preacher curls, incline dumbbell curls, and hammer curls. By repeating these exercises several times daily and increasing weight amounts every few weeks, biceps are sure to grow to a larger size than most female biceps.
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Greg Valentino has the biggest biceps that measure 27 inches. Valentino had to put in many hours working out to get biceps that big, but he also did not do it naturally as he was
i think Michelle maroldo has the best by size and look.
This is the world's largest hard body. biceps record 110 kg. loves you!
Jessica Biel.
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The female bodybuilder with the biggest biceps is Renee Torey. They tape in at 21.25 inches. They are even bigger than that of Arnold Schwarzenegger during his ...
For those that love to work out and stay in shape, it is not uncommon to enter into a friendly competition with others to find out who has the biggest biceps around ...
As of December 1, 2012 the person with the biggest biceps is Moustafa Ismail. His biceps are reportedly 31 inches in size. ...
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