Who killed the largest whitetail deer in Kentucky?


As of 2013, Robert Smith holds the record for largest whitetail deer killed in Kentucky with a 245-pound 10-point buck. This is the sixth-largest buck record by Boone & Crocket, a hunter-conservationist group that is the authority in hunting records.

The point of a buck refers to the number of tines on each side of his antlers. The higher point a buck is, the more desirable a prize it is. Many hunters choose to have the antlers of his best kills mounted as a trophy. This is also called a rack.

Kentucky is considered by many to be one of the best states for the hunting of whitetail deer, averaging around 140 per year. According to the Boone & Crocket Club, Kentucky hosted more record-holding deer kills in 2011 than anywhere else in the world.

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Eddie Miller killed the largest whitetail buck in Kentucky in 2003
Milo Hanson was awarded the world record for a whitetail deer with a score of 213 5/8 B&C. Pretty big!
Typical 186 3/8. Non Typical 259 7/8.
1. Check the beginning and ending dates for bow season in Kentucky. The archery season generally begins in early September and finishes in mid-January. Check this year's dates on
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