Bill Me Later Magazines?


When ordering popular magazines by mail, you may notice that there are several different ways that you can pay. Many magazines allow subscribers to choose Bill Me Later as a payment option, which means that the recipient can send a check or money order to the company after the first issue of the magazine has been sent and received. Typically, ordering information and a list of magazines that offer Bill Me Later as a payment option can be found online.
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1. Contact Bill Me Later. Bill Me Later can be contacted by email, mail or phone. When a business signs up to accept Bill Me Later, the business offers more options to its customers
It depends on the service provided. At a high level there are two options: (i) standard purchases that must be repaid within 30 days, and (ii) deferred interest purchases (e.g. 0%
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Bill Me Later is a popular payment option that many companies currently offer. This allows customers to order an item such as a magazine subscription, without ...
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