Did Bill Nye, the Science Guy ever go to jail?


As of April 2014, Bill Nye has never been arrested. The actor and comedian became an icon through his series, "Bill Nye, The Science Guy." It aired from 1993 to 1998 through PBS and still appears in syndication.

However, Nye is no stranger to legal actions. He sued former girlfriend, Blair Tyndall, in 2012. The actor and comedian wants reimbursement for legal fees totaling $57,000. The 2012 suit resulted from Nye's efforts to enforce a protective order obtained against Tindall in 2007. The order placed a 6-year injunction against Tindall and required her to keep a distance of 100 yards. Allegedly, she violated the order in 2009. Nye claims the $57,000 legal bill represents his efforts to enforce the order. Nye and Tindall broke up in 2006.

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