Biography of Alberto Alpo Martinez?


Alberto Alpo Martinez was a drug dealer from Harlem. He made a lot of money selling cocaine and heroine all across the east coast of the United States. In 1992 he was arrested for selling drugs in Washington D.C. and was given a life sentence. He testified against Wayne Perry to receive a lighter sentence.
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where is alberto martinez bka aplo from harlem newyork what is a address so i can write him
Alberto "Alpo" Martinez was a drug dealer from Harlem who made an obscene
Who? That's a pretty common name.must be a zillion of them and I bet they are not all in jail.
I'm pretty sure he's serving a life sentence, but I can't find a website that says so. Sorry.
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The exact name of the jail is not disclosed by the security agencies for security reasons. The Alpo Martinez is notorious Harlem-bred drug lord. He descends from ...
Wayne Silk Perry is an infamous African-American hit-man from Washington DC. Wayne Perry worked to protect Harlem drug dealer Alberto Alpo Martinez. Perry allegedly ...
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