What is a good personal biography template?


A good personal biography should express your strengths, personal traits and accomplishments. A biography should begin with your name and address and highlight achievements and accomplishments in the introduction before finishing with a solid conclusion.

Personal biographies may be written for employment opportunities, college admissions or other instances where individuals want to showcase their skills and best personal features. Depending on the targeted end audience, content will vary, but the template for all types of biographies remains virtually the same. In essence, a biography, though giving writers the opportunity to be creative with the style, content and tone, follows a framework of logical progression, much like a letter or outline.

Biographies should begin with an introduction, which includes the writer’s name and current address. Then, the purpose for writing the biography should follow shortly after. This is particularly important for business-oriented biographies, as potential employers will want to see the special skills and traits that make applicants stand out.

The introduction and purpose may vary in length, but they should be followed with a strong conclusion that reminds readers again of the special skills and value applicants may bring to a new job or highlights and restates their unique accomplishments and personal traits.

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1. Decide on what type of biography you will be writing. There are two types of biographies-one that deals primarily with business and one that outlines someone's life from birth
Here is a link to a page by the American Chamber of Commerce Executives. http://www.acce.org/index_ektid3180.aspx.I. t has a biography template that was used for their 2006 ACCE Convention
You're using the wrong biography environment. You need to use the IEEEbiography environment. Here is the correct code: The question has also been posted on LaTeX-Community.org: IEEE.cls
A personal biography is a good tool to have whenever you'd like others to know who you are. It's the appropriate place for mentioning your achievements, interests, and life experiences
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