What Are the Examples of Biological Disasters?


Biological disasters of normal origin are mostly the result of the access of a virulent organism into an audience of prone people living in a manner suitable to the spread of the contagion. In crowded areas, anthrax binges by spore dispersion in the air. Small pox binges by sprays, typhus and plague spread through lice, fleas and rodents. The average rife spreads locally and dies down if the contagion is localized, but there have been instances where diseases have spread widely, even across national boundaries. Disasters have occurred when environmental factors were conducive.
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biological disasters. : biological weapons are of several types release of germs or other biological substances which when inhaled or may enter through a cut in the skin, causes contagious
i watched the last season of the colony too, and i think in the first episode of this season they mentioned that the virus was a mutation of the avian flu. its airborn i think, and
In any nuclear, biological, or chemical (NBC) attack, it is clear that the hospitals may be overwhelmed with casualties. In these deliberate accidents, there will be an additional
When you have a lab that is experimenting with flu and other pathogens, and a hurricane rips the roof off and spreads the pathogens all over your town. This could also be done on
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