Biology Investigatory Project?


There are many possible topics for a biology investigatory project. These may include: an alternative use for tobacco or uses for the nectar of flowers. You could also do a project about the side effects of virgin coconut oil.
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1. Observe a biological problem you want to investigate. This may be the rate of fermentation in yeast or applications of recombinant DNA technology. This forms your research abstract
what are some examples of investigatory project in biology?..please answer as soon as possible.:). help us.. thanks. Well you cant experiment on live animals, it will be called animal
An investigatory project should include: (1) Abstract (2) Research Paper and (3) Visual Display. The abstract for the project should specify the purpose of the experiment, procedures
OK how about working on your own DNA-- like extract and isolate your own DNA , sequence it and try to determine if there are any mutations in it. It will be a very interesting challenging
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A review on Tissue Engineering and DNA Fingerprinting. ...
An investigatory project is also known as an experimental project and is one which is used to show how something might behave if certain conditions are added to ...
A person can make an investigatory project by selecting a desired topic. Different investigatory projects will be well designed. An abstract should also be created ...
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