Biotic Factors in an Ecosystem?


The biotic factors of the ecosystem include all living creatures within that ecosystem. This includes plants and animals, as well as their waste products. You can think of the biotic factors of the ecosystem as the circle of life.
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Plants,animals,and other living things.
1. Determine whether the component of the ecosystem grows. This is an effective way to identify biotic factors of an ecosystem. Sometimes living organisms can be mistakenly identified
The biotic factors in an ecosystem are the other organisms that exist in
Living corals can be found near the surface of the ocean in some warm regions of the world. The corals provide a home for algae. The algae, in turn, produce food that is used by the
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Biotic Factors in Ecosystems
In ecosystems, biotic factors are all living organisms and the waste that they produce. This refers to large life-forms such as trees or mammals, small life-forms such as insects and algae, and microscopic life-forms such as bacteria. These are the most... More »
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