Bird Repellent Spray?


A homemade bird repellent spray should consist of chili peppers and water. The mixture should be sprayed where you don't want birds to go. Restrict the spray to foliage and not on fruit that is intended for consumption.
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Sometimes birds can be the biggest problem you have with a garden. They eat the seeds, pick away at the growing plants and destroy a newly developing garden. There is a spray that
Birds are naturally cautious, so anything unexpected (like a scarecrow) will keep them away. Hanging things that move and shine (like tin foil or aluminum plates) is a pretty cheap
1. Get 3-4 teaspoons worth of a mild hot sauce. Ad. 2. Get about 1 gallon of water (or however much you want it to be concentrated. 3. Mix together, try it so you don't burn the deer's
Tom cats have been known to spray when marking their territory. I would go with wind chimes rather than a chemical attack. The birds don't like the frequencies.
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